Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The guy every girl wanted to date

I found this picture in the basement and it reminds me of a time when it seemed every girl on campus wanted to go out with Mark. I remember being so excited when Mark agreed to go to the ZETA pledge party with me. I'm not sure how much fun Mark had, but he sure made my night.

Sometimes it seems just yesterday that we were all hanging out at the Sheridan Ave apartment! What a brothel that place was, Ha Ha. I still laugh when I think of the day when the Gas company guy had to check for a gas leak and everybody's girlfriend was spending the night. What a sight that must have been!!

And how many times did the girlfirends have to do dishes because we couldn't find a cup to drink out of!! You guys sure were pigs.

Then there was the time that Dave told me about this amazing dish that Mark taught him how to make....Camp supper! I'm sure many of you experinced this delicacy!!??

Then there was 66 California. I can still see the picture of Faith over the mantel, what a sight that was! And who could forget the day the kitchen ceiling fell in. How many weeks did it take to fix that?? And I'm sure Mark would laugh at the fact that Dave still hates to do the dishes.

I really wish that Mark could have met Susannah, I think Susannah would have thought Mark was so hilarious, Susannah loves Steve Martin too. I always think of Mark when Susannah makes me watch Steve Martin on the Muppet show.


Blogger dave bushey said...

I still say Camp Supper wasn't a dish, but a summer program where Mark honed his unique culinary skills.

Bits of eggshell weren't part of the recipe... just an added "bonus."

9:19 PM  

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