Monday, May 22, 2006

Memorial Concert Follow-Up

My head is still reeling too much from yesterday's concert to write about it yet. It seems like a dream - both because the event came together so much better than I ever imagined, and because I still can't believe Mark is gone - but there are two items of business that I wanted to take care of right away.

First, is to thank again everyone who came together to make this happen, especially Jenn Kern and her parents. As I was driving back from Deer Creek Sunday morning, heading straight for the Columbus Music Hall with a mini-van filled to the brim with kids & dirty laundry, I thought of a million things that likely needed to be done before the concert. When I got to the Music Hall, Jenn - who cancelled her students' piano recital and drove up from NC for this event - and her parents already had the chairs set up, the coffee made, and were pulling together a shopping list for a last-minute run to the store. I hadn't seen Jenn in 13 years, and yet the moment I walked in the door, I could tell she had not only read my mind, but thought of a million other things that she had already taken care of. Dana Maccabee also took on a lion's share of the set-up and clean-up (the whole while looking absolutely fabulous, I must say!)

Second, someone asked that I post the lyrics to the song I wrote. Using the magic of the Internet, below are the lyrics, with hyperlinks to some other information that may help illustrate the process of how this piece of music came to be:

Closer to Believing

When some people walk along beside you, so sure of their way, you're touched by their presence.

And others may cross paths with yours as you wander through the mire, compelled by uncertainty and desire.

I can't define the imprint you left behind, I can only think about the meaning that you're life had in mine

And I'm a little bit closer to you
And you're a little bit closer to me
And we're a little bit closer to believing in love.

Eyes I dare not meet in dreams, in death's dream kingdom these do not appear.
There, the eyes are sunlight on a broken column.
There, is a tree singing, and voices are in the wind's singing, more distant and more solemn than a fading star.

Between the idea and the reality
Between the motion and the act
Falls the shadow

Between the conception and creation
Between the emotion and the response
Falls the shadow

Between the desire and the spasm
Between the potency and the existence
Between the essence and the descent
Falls the shadow

For thine is
For life is
For thine is the kingdom

For thine is
For life is
For time is a river, and life is very long.


Blogger Melissa Combs said...

Glad someone "beat me to the punch" and asked to have your lyrics listed on the blog. Frank and I were commenting that we couldn't hear all the words during the performance and hoped to get a copy so we could reflect on the meaning of the song...Thanks!

Also, just and FYI: when I spoke to Claudia after the concert, she commented that she was glad she preceded you because she wouldn't have had the composure to speak to the group after hearing you sing - she was so touched!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Katie Jacoby said...

sorry I missed hearing that, Tiff.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

OK - I've had some time to digest and I've written about this a little bit here:

11:28 AM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

I mean here:

(I guess I can't make this a link, so just cut & paste into your browser's address window & take out the extra spaces.)

11:35 AM  
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