Friday, May 12, 2006

Mark "Flannel" Greenwood

Here are some thoughts about Mark I received from a fellow Capital graduate...


Hi Aaron,
This is Crystal (Hughes) Traini. You guys won't remember me , but I was the female saxophone major who came in two years after you and Dave. I never actually talked to Mark, but remember him well and was very sad to hear this news. I have had trouble taking him off my mind. He was a very talented drummer, and seemed to be such a nice guy. His smile could melt you. I remember a few things about him. I had a crazy roommate who named her underwear after guys in the conservatory, and gave everyone nicknames. I do remember that Mark's nickname was "flannel", of course because of the flannel shirts he always wore. I used to pass him in the halls in the morning, and would have a mug of coffee and that awesome unshaved chin and messy head, which really worked for him :) He'd tilt his head and say hey. He had a pretty intense gaze at Dr. Swinehart in Wind symphony. The picture on your tribute site of him with his "bedhead", is how I remember him. I was one of those people who was fairly backward in college. I wish I had been a little more outgoing, and had gotten to actually know him.


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