Saturday, May 27, 2006

More from the Cabin

These are from the summer after Mark's (and my) freshman year of college when he gathered up some newer friends and older friends for a Canada trip. It's me, Mark, and Carl. Did I see Carl at the memorial? I thought maybe I did but I wasn't sure and got distracted before I could find out.

And this is me and Mark messing around with his keyboard and portable multi-track recorder. For some reason we were trying to get a good recording of us whistling the theme to The Andy Grifith Show with the two part harmony.

Carl and his girlfriend Sharon road up with Mark, me and my now wife Teresa in the Greenwood's blue van. Later, Beth Winters (now Stewart) and her boyfriend at the time showed up as did Mark King.

There was a lot of ski footage taken by me with Mark's camera as one of the Marks drove the boat. Some great shots of Mark (and Mark King) slolam skiing in front of the Goulais pine backdrop. Sadly, it looks like no such videos exist anymore. I also remember some footage of me doing one severe nose dive after another on a knee board trying to jump the wake. Never did get it. Mark made that look very easy. It was not.


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