Friday, May 12, 2006

So Many Memories

When I was first trying to think of what I could write about I told myself that that was almost 20 years ago what could I remember that would be worth writing about, I realized that it didn't matter as long as it was something I could share about Mark to all of the people that were his friends as he was to me all of the years ago. I was a junior in high school when I first met Mark, he and I both played the drums in band. We quickly became friends and started to hang out together. It wasn't long before it was me, Mark and Dave Degeorge, who was also was in Mark's class and played the drums, became good friends. Then reluctantly they talked me into letting Mark King join our group, which turned out to be a very good thing. We would go to parties, hang out at the H.O.G, we went cruising summer nights at Geneva-on-the-Lake and of course did a little camping in the woods behind Mark's house.
As I mentioned above we had a lot of fun growing up however we did go through some hard times together(mostly girl related), got into trouble and sometimes even made the police beat in the Star Beacon. One summer we went to the cabin in Canada, which has seen a lot of action from reading other people's stories, were Mark taught me how to water ski(that water was cold!).

I have a few picture that might be fun to look at, the first picture is one of Mark and myself in the band room at Ashtabula High School. As you can tell I am giving him some pointers!

The next photo I would like to share is prom 1987, Mark was dating a junior at the time so it worked out that we could double date.

Since I learned about Mark leaving us I relived those two years in a matter of few weeks, what I time we had I would never want to change a minute of it. The only thing that I would change now is not letting old friends slip away without trying to find out how they are or what they are doing. I always thought Mark would be the famous person that I could say I knew but I think he was a lot more then that to all of us.

Kevin Root


Blogger Melissa Combs said...

You are so right...I have thought a lot about the connections we make in life and how we should all do a better job of conciously choosing which ones to keep alive! I worry about whether Mark knew how we all felt about him when we were living these moments. I think I'm realizing how important it is to tell people TODAY how we feel about them...we may not get another chance...

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