Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Remembering Mark Greenwood
1971 - 2006

Remembering Mark Greenwood
1971 - 2006

About 2 months ago, I opened a fortuned cookie and read “You love Chinese Food.” I laughed and thought of Mark and put it in my bag planning to mail it to him, thinking that too many months (was it actually 2 years?!) had gone by. Mark once told me about a slightly uncomfortable first date he had at a Chinese restaurant…after the meal he opened his fortune cookie and read “you love Chinese food” and it struck him so funny that he was practically balled up on the floor of the restaurant laughing…the girl thought he was a bit strange for laughing so hard at a fortune cookie and I don’t think they dated again! He liked to tell that story.

I met Mark, along with some other great musicians/ soon to be friends, in late ’94. After he moved out west, I realize that I only kept track of him through his mom. (I’d take Bruce and Claudia for parents any day! And Mark was so openly proud to be their son and Kristen’s brother) ....It led to a first date at the "round bar" and then over the years to come, we were many things to each other- there was a lot of love, and friendship was always at the heart of it. I knew Mark before he started getting ill, but soon after we started to become close, the mystery began to develop. Somewhere in that time, we found Isabel, the wonderful German Shepard who brought Mark so much love. I was granted Godmother status and it never occurred to me that such a thing could possibly have any real meaning.
Mark moved out of one house, hoping there was some sort of underlying allergy at the root of his health problems, and into a “new” house down the street. That dilapidated, crooked house took months to become a home – largely due to Bruce and Claudia’s laboring! The discovery of a well in one of the rooms downstairs, the wicked slant of the house…all these things became a good laugh ---in retrospect, that is! The painting, the stripping, the mending…Mark took pride in seeing that house turn around, and great times were had there by many.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the Canada crew for 3 years. As many of you know, there’s no doubt that Mark loved the cabin in Canada like no other place- and that when he was there, there was no place he’d rather be. He gave an everlasting gift to many of us by sharing it. For some reason, Jeff seems to think it’s a funny story about how pissed Mark got when I almost ran him over with the boat motor! Personally, I’d rather remember other things! (and heck, there were several feet to spare!) I prefer to think about how Mark was delighted to sit by the fire, always wanted everyone to do stuff together as a group, and joked about how since he started inviting girls to the cabin they'd stopped catching fish. (He quit complaining as soon as Alicia made dinner!) Aaron, you should know that “Billlll” wasn’t just circa ’94- I think that the cabin brought out a lot of old catch phrases! About the camp supper thing though, I think that after Mark came back from Thailand that was replaced by Pad Thai. That’s really the only thing I remember him cooking! He loved to make it for people almost as much as he loved to eat it. I remember when he came back from a doctor/nutritionist one day he was so happy because he’d told her about his Pad Thai cravings and she’s said it was probably because there was so much stuff in it that’s good for you. Yup, then he started eating even more pad thai!

For now I'll have to organize my pics for Sunday, but will try to add some (like one of Mark cooking pad thai!) as soon as I have a place from which to upload them!

Meanwhile, Here’s a song Mark wrote and recorded in 1999. I have no doubt it was just as much for him as it was for me. From a musical layman's point of view, I find it magnificent and a little sad. It came to me that I should share it because even though Mark hid a lot of things as he lost hope of recovering, I know that deep down he really wanted to be open and share with people. And, I guess that’s what this blog is about. Thanks for the url, Aaron!



Blogger dave bushey said...

"You like Chinese food."

I was there when Mark came home from that disatrous date. It was with a girl that lived near us in college. We laughed about that for a long time. Funny that it stuck with him for so long, too! Nice to hear from you, Rae. Hope you're doing well.

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