Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Post-Memorial Thoughts

Though thanks have already been given by several individuals in regards to the memorial concert, I want to extend my gratitude also. I thought that the slide presentations would be the catalyst for shedding tears, but for me, it was the music and Claudia's and Ben's speeches...I have sincerely missed seeing all of you Cap musicians play live and I am astounded by how much emotion and musicality was present after limited rehearsals. You are all so talented! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!

Thank you also to Claudia and Kristen for attending the event. I could never guess how therapuetic it would be for me to hug you, talk to you about Mark, and gain insight about where you are in your greiving process. It would have been so easy for you to isolate yourselves from Mark's past and instead you showed great courage by allowing yourselves to grieve with all of us. I hope you both found some comfort and peace seeing how many of us cared about Mark...

One last thing - if anyone has the lyrics to the pop songs that Mark wrote and which were played at the concert, would you please post them on the blog? I loved the Tin Can Suzie song that was a part of Rae's presentation and because I couldn't hear all the words to Promises and Whispers, I'd like to see those lyrics too.

Great effort by all involved - loved reuniting with you all. Hope we can gain some sense of closure now while still examining how this has affected our lives...


Blogger Rob Maccabee said...

I'm not sure about all of the words to "Tin Can Suzie", but I know "Promises and Whispers" because Mark and I worked on that tune together and I wrote the words. There's a version that exists with a chorus that wasn't in the version that Steve performed.

Here goes...

He was nine miles high when his heart went boom
Every head turned when she warmed the room
Toothpick blonde chompin' on a silverspoon
Never thought that someday would come so soon, never thought that someday would come so soon.

Butterscotch lips kiss sun goes down
They had a litlle secret in a sleepy town
If love was water he would surely drown
Promises in whispers were his favorite sound, promises in whispers were his favorite sound

(chorus)'cause you're never gone long
when that pull is so strong
no you're never gone long
when that pull is so strong
when that pull is so strong

They had a little secret her friends could never know
Thursday nights were something, Fridays no
She'll be moving right along, but he can't go
Shoulda saved that talent for a better show, Shoulda saved that talent for a better show

chorus)'cause you're never gone long
when that pull is so strong
no you're never gone long
when that pull is so strong
when that pull is so strong

9:26 AM  
Blogger Melissa Combs said...

Thanks for the lyrics, Rob. Any chance of posting a recording for us too?

6:51 AM  
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