Saturday, May 20, 2006

Korp Kun Krap

Ah, yes, Thailand. A lot of memories have been popping up recently from that trip - I'll try to share a few as I remember them. First, Jim mentioned the Singha drum. For those of you who have no idea what this is about, For a long time, Mark's bass drum said "Singha" across the front - cleverly rearranged letters from the "Slingerland" logo, I think. Singha is the name of the biggest (maybe the only) Thai brewery, and the most popular beer in Thailand - we drank a lot of it on that trip. (Oddly enough, the second most popular is the Danish beer Carlsberg, only because they happen to have a brewery there). So, for many years after, the Singha drum served as a great reminder of that trip. I actually found some Singha beer here once, but it just doesn't taste the same unless you're sitting on a tropical beach drinking it. Nevertheless, maybe we should track some down and have one more for Mark.

Aaron's mention of the boat trip is another good story. While we were in Phuket, all the bands got a free tour of Phang Na Bay on a couple of authentic (but updated, fortunately) Chinese junks. This is the place where all of the strange-looking rock islands just seem to stick straight up randomly out of the water. (These are the islands seen in "The Man With the Golden Gun" and "The Beach", to give you an idea). There were two boats, and when we arrived, almost all of the other musicians quickly got onto the other boat because they thought we were too weird and wanted to keep their distance. And yes, it was so hot that several of the guys decided to take a swim after lunch, despite the warnings that there may have been jellyfish lurking about in the water.

There are a lot of other memories from that trip. The seemingly endless flights over the Pacific and back. The airport at Samui, which was basically a collection of buildings with thatched roofs and no walls. Steve's bass being carted overland in a truck because it wouldn't fit onto the small Thai "commuter" planes. The first concert that ran so far behind schedule we didn't play until something like 2:00AM. Mark braving a very unsafe-looking bungee-slingshot ride in Phuket. The Songkran festival in Hat Yai, where basically everyone takes the day off and rides around in the streets throwing water at each other. The surreal 12-hour layover in Seoul on the return trip (enough for another story in itself).

What a trip! There were a lot of good times in those couple of weeks, and I'm glad Mark and I and everyone else had the chance to share them. Oh, and by the way, "korp kun krap" is Thai for "thank you". Thanks, Mark!


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