Friday, May 12, 2006

Great Moments

Hey Man,

There are so many good memories I have of you. I want to share a few one-on-one memories that most people would not have experienced with us.

One of our first great moments came together in the basement of the Conservatory (where we would spend many late hours practicing piano). We performed a touching tribute to Rush. You somehow convinced Mr. Square (me) with a classically trained voice to sing the vocal stylings of your favorite group. Your gentle reminders about 'NO VIBRATO' produced what sounded like a Monk on steriods with a few Joe Cocker like convulsions to screech out the high notes. The only saving grace was that we didn't record this 'fine' musical momment.

Of course there were other great moments. You would remember the time we were playing ping pong in the lobby of Schaff Hall. There was nothing better than playing a 'friendly' game of table tennis after a frustrating day in piano class. We were playing a very intense game hitting the ball so hard that we were actually grunting as we hit it (Adding to our tough guy musician image). Well we got in a slight argument about whether or not you meant to hit the ball on the back line of my side of the table (a perfect shot). And as I was explaining how lucky you were to have managed to pull off a like that, you smacked the ball back to me. I saw this white object coming right at me and before I could move, that damn ping pong ball hit me square on my left front tooth. That tooth vibrated like the handle of my grandfather's old lawn mower. Well we both almost peed our pants after that incident. You for obvious reasons and I because I lost control of all bodily functions from my tongue to my toes for approximately 60 seconds. I was soooooo pissed which of course made it even funnier to you. I don't recall you ever laughing so hard.

You would also remember practicing a piano piece called 'Homage to Bill Evans' which you lovingly referred to as 'omage'. You found this piece toward the latter part of our freshman year and played it to death. Every note of that song was etched in my head (As I'm sure you could recall at a moments notice the 2 songs in my expansive repertoire). Years later I remember asking you what you planned to play for your piano competencies. I knew exactly what you would be playing, I just wanted to hear you say it again. Without hesitation you said, 'Well 'Cabbage' (a name you and close friends called me as you felt I looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll when I wore a hat, I still don't get it!) I plan to pay 'omage' to India (our piano teacher). As many times as I slept through you playing that song down in the practice rooms, I wish I could see, hear, and experience you play it one more time. Mark, we will pay 'omage' to you and remember you with friends and family. We will celebrate these memories for the rest of our lives.

Love, Frank


Blogger Melissa Combs said...

You learn something new everyday! I never heard your buddies call you "Cabbage"! Just goes to show how many inside jokes you shared for so many years...By the way, isn't it time you told me what "tators" meant to you and Mark and Aaron? Still dying to know that secret!
Great entry, honey!

9:07 AM  

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