Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Few Words & Photos...

I didn't know Mark as well as many of you, and most of my thoughts and feelings have been expressed already and better by others here, but still I wanted to add a few words of my own. I can't remember exactly when I met Mark, but our paths first crossed for about a year at Capital - he started in '89, and I finished in '90. We had mutual friends and played off and on together for the next few years, but I didn't get to know him very well until I started playing with Honk Wail & Moan in '96 (ten years ago already?), We shared quite a few memorable experiences, including the infamous Thailand tour, several trips to New York City, and countless gigs at Bernie's, Dick's Den, and other high-class local establishments.

Mark and I weren't really close friends, but we did play together quite a bit for a few years, and it always amazes me how well you can get to know a fellow musician and how strong of a bond you can form just through making music with them. Though I hadn't seen him in years, the news that he was gone affected me more than I would have thought. Other than being an all-around great guy, the thing I remember most about Mark was the sense of humor he always managed to incorporate into his playing. Seemingly with little effort, he would change the groove for a couple bars or throw in a quote that would have me and the rest of the band grinning and barely able to play. Someone else here called it "personality" - whatever it is, it's a rare quality to find in a musician, and even more so in a drummer. I've missed playing with him since he left town, but I'll always be glad to have had the experience.

I don't have that many photos of Mark, but here are a few: One with Steve from a HW&M trip to NYC in '97, and three from the Thailand trip. Steve has my Thailand album, so hopefully we'll see more on Sunday.

Rest in peace, Mark - we all miss you...


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