Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I first saw Mark in 1989 when he came to school at Capital. I was in my junior year and had made many other friends by this point but you couldn't help but notice Mark whenever he was around. I suppose I must have seen him first in Wind Symphony. I don't recall our first meeting but I eventually I made many friends with the incoming freshman and Mark became one of them. It is funny to think back on little memories that I had forgotten until now. I guess the earliest memory I have is of the two of us going to Kroger's to pick up some groceries. We were walking down the coffee aisle and I made a comment about how wonderful coffee smelled but, at the time, did not drink it. In the course of this conversation, Mark eventually convinced me to eat a coffee bean. He laughed and I was spitting bits of coffee bean out the rest of the night. He always knew he could pull one over on me. So many good memories. I'll share more later.


Blogger Aaron Molnar said...

The thing I love about that story is how clearly I can imagine Mark laughing about it. Head tipped slightly back and body leaning to the side with his elbows tucked in like it was all he could do not to fall down.

Thanks Dana!

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